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  The 90+ Brunello wine tour

The 90+ Brunello wine tour brings you to taste and purchase from best rated Brunello wineries in Montalcino

The real way to discover Tuscany is through its best wines and local food and traditions, and, more than that, it's meeting the wine makers and real Tuscan people and tasting the local foods and wines right in their place of origin. The essence of Tuscany is to travel around, admire landscape and the vineyards.

This is what makes my tour special: There are more than 200 producers in Montalcino, all good, my first time at Benveunto I did what everyone would do, go in line and taste from the one with the highest ratings, Uccelliera, Casanova, Valdicava and so on.  At one point I realized that top rated brunellos were each very close to the other, like aiming all to the perfect matching of Sucklings check list.
It reminded the incipt of Anna Karenina "Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way".

I looked into the 90 to 95 points, small makers, family owned and out of the path, with a differentiation of brunello to give a much better picture of the variety Montalcino. It took me almost 3 years to find the perfect combination of makers...and I still scoop new ones.
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Tuscan wineSilvio P., has decades of experience in the export business, he is an agronomist, specialized in microbiology. 

He lives in the Chianti area, in a 1500 villa, near San Donato. He participated at Vinitaly for organic farm San Michele a Torri.  His wife runs with her best friend Tina the "up to the villa" cooking class.

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